Statement by #DoWhatsRightMLB about MLB and Giants actions regarding Larry Baer

San Francisco, March 26, 2019

We appreciate the decision by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to hold San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer accountable for his actions during a recent, public physical altercation with his wife, Pam Baer. In accepting our recommendations to reprimand Larry Baer, imposing a significant suspension without pay, and requiring him to undergo an evaluation by an expert to determine an appropriate treatment and counseling plan, MLB is showing why it is regarded as a leader in advancing cultural change in professional sports by not tolerating violence against women.

The Commissioner notes that Mr. Baer’s conduct violated MLB policy, and he has rightfully sent a message that because Mr. Baer holds a senior leadership position, he is held to a higher standard of conduct than are major league players, commensurate with his level of responsibility in the organization. Our objective has been to ensure that MLB recognizes the impact of Larry Baer’s conduct on our community, in particular our young people, and takes appropriate disciplinary action. This is an important teachable and precedent-setting moment. We commend the Commissioner for the thoughtful consideration he applied to this difficult situation.

The San Francisco Giants Ownership Group has expressed support for the Commissioner’s decision and outlined plans to reorganize the organization in the interim. Mr. Baer has acknowledged his serious mistake and the unacceptable nature of his actions, especially in light of his position and role in the community. There is much work to be done in repairing the community’s trust he damaged through his actions. We wish Mr. Baer and his family well as he takes time for treatment and counseling.

Our coalition remains available to offer support to the leaders of the Giants so that the team’s important programs such as Strike Out Violence and Junior Giants continue to positively influence our community for years to come.

About #DoWhatsRightMLB

We are a coalition of concerned community leaders in the anti-violence movement who have come together for the purpose of sharing with MLB in a collaborative and respectful manner our thoughts for a constructive approach to helping our community and the baseball community learn from and create positive change from the incident involving Giants CEO Larry Baer. Our purpose is to be fair and firm, consistent, and accountable and communicate to Major League Baseball why it's time to do what's right in holding Mr. Baer accountable for his actions.

Our Statement on

MLB and Giants Actions​ Regarding Larry Baer

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