We are a coalition of concerned community leaders who have come together to share our collective thoughts on an appropriate response by the leadership of Major League Baseball to the incident involving SF Giants President and CEO Larry Baer. Our goal is to underscore the serious nature of Mr. Baer's public physical altercation with his wife, Pam, and the need for consequences that are fair, firm and in line with the principles and policy Major League Baseball has established for major league players. We recognize and appreciate the strong position that Commissioner Manfred has taken on issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse throughout his tenure. Our intent is to provide constructive feedback and additional context as the Commissioner considers next steps regarding discipline and accountability for Mr. Baer.

The league's response to this incident can also become an invaluable teachable moment for our youth, for our community, for the world of professional sports and for the nation. We are asking for fairness, consistency and accountability. We ask Major League Baseball to do what's right.